Health Science Minor

The Health Science minor provides a broad introduction to the physical, psychological and economic impact and importance of healthy living. This minor is designed to be  comprehensive to allow students to experience the entire range of health topics to better serve their educational interests during their time in college and after they graduate.

Degree Outcomes

The blend of introductory and advanced courses helps guide students’ interest in a variety of fields ranging from social work, disease research and community health.

A common step for many graduates is to continue their education at Exercise Science and Community Health graduate programs.

Courses prepare students for Allied Health Professions programs (physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, etc).

Example Courses

  • HSC 2503: Drug Education
    Health Science
    This course describes the history, mechanism of action and current events on a range of licit and elicit drugs ranging from coffee, nicotine, alcohol, cannabis and methamphetamine.
  • HSC 1023: Personal Health and Safety
    Health Science
    This course provides general knowledge and proper decision making regarding physical activity, nutrition, emotional and mental health, and handling stress.
  • HSC 3013: Principles of Epidemiology
    Health Science
    This course instructs students on how to measure and observe trends in diseases on a regional, national and international level. Students will learn how to interpret data on diseases and conditions provided by such organizations such as Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
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Health Science Minor Faculty

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