We understand that you are a HUGE part of the success your student. Whether you are a “first-timer” or an experienced college parent, you live across town or across nation…whatever your circumstance and whether you are, we want you to know you are a valued member of the Ozarks community. To that, we hope you find our website and social media presence places of connection, as well as ways to help you stay informed of the resources University of the Ozarks has to offer.


Ozarks realizes that as each student learns to balance the load between social life, academics, and being away from home, there may be struggles. We realize that you student’s concerns are your concerns. We appreciate that you as parents and other family members are there to provide support and encouragenment.

When your student calls home and complains about school, hear them out and smile knowing that he or she is being asked to grow. Be supportive, but please fight the urge to call. It is the University’s job to cause your student to grow and develop. Ask them to remember Matriculation and our covenant. In order to fulfill our commitment to them, we have to throw in some grit, some sand…pearls don’t develop without it. There’s a level of trust you have to have that your student will come out stronger on the other side because of the challenges they overcome.


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“Thus it follows that the end of politics is the human good. … The attainment of the good for one individual is, to be sure, a source of satisfaction; yet to secure it for a nation and for states is nobler and more divine. “

– Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics