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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees, University of the Ozarks

Jim Bruning, Chair
Sherilyn Poole, Chair-Elect
Chris Allen, Secretary

Class of 2020

Brent Burks
David Frueauff
Malcolm Hall
Rebecca Jones
Judith Keith
John King

Class of 2021

Tasha Blackburn
Allyn Donaubauer
Buck Hill
Catherine Lowry
Sherilyn Poole
Denton Tumbleson

Class of 2022

Arvid Bean
Chris Allen
James Bruning
A.O. Curran
Mary Malloy
Ann Patterson
Susan Pinson
Sue Tull
Peter Van Dyke
Ed Wilkinson

Lifetime Trustees

Lee Bodenhamer
Robert W. Bohl
Peggy Jones
Helen McElree
William Rail
Mary Anne Shula
Bruce Swinburne

Ex Oficio Members

Jim Bruning, Board Chair
Richard Dunsworth, University President
Susan Edens, Faculty Senate Rep.
Rev. Gary Dill, Synod of the Sun

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