High School Juniors

High School Juniors

Preparation will pay off.

The internet is full of advice, tips, guides and calendars of things you can do to get into your dream college. But we offer a different perspective on the college search journey. Start with yourself. It may sound weird but don’t bounce on us yet. Take some time to dig deep and assess your preferences. Then find a school that fits you.

Read about Ozarks’ academic experience and step through our Outcomes Generator.

You may be surprised what you find out!

Above all, have fun.

There is a college out there for you. A place that will suit you well and allow you to thrive. You just have to find it, or be open to it finding you.

College is serious business, but also seriously fun. So have fun—not only as a junior, but as a senior. Make time to do the things most important to you, and then take that energy and momentum with you to college. 

Ozarks Tip List

  • Use sites like Cappex, Niche or My Options. They will ask you some of these same questions to help find schools that have what you want and also suggest a few that you haven’t thought of.
  • Join the mailing list for schools that interest you.
    • Designate an Email Address – Use (or create) an email address that’s simple and professional – which means that you should nix cutiepie@whatever.com and go for a more professional address – something like firstnamelastname@provider.com is a great place to start. You may also consider sharing the account with your parents so they can see what information you’re receiving and help you along the way. 
      **Don’t use your school email address – sometimes schools block external messages, and you’ll lose access to it once you graduate high school.
  • Visit the schools on your list. There’s no substitute for stepping foot on a campus. Make the most of it – sit in on a class, visit with a professor, eat lunch, see what current students think. If you don’t meet someone during a visit, ask for personal follow-up.
  • Take the ACT and/or SAT. Some schools super-score, so make sure you send all your scores to the colleges on your list. But, if testing isn’t your forte, know that at many schools (including Ozarks), you don’t have to be defined by a test score. Look into colleges that offer test-optional admission.
  • Know the cost. Start researching costs (including fees) and learn how to apply for financial aid (the FAFSA is available October 1 of your senior year). Compare schools based on net cost not “sticker price” alone.

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