Throughout its long history, the University of the Ozarks has consistently provided creative, student-oriented innovation in higher education. At the heart of this innovation has always been a powerful classroom experience offered by talented faculty experts who understand how to stimulate students intellectually through professional preparation and a full offering of studies in the liberal arts.

academicsphoto2We know that learning in the classroom happens differently for each individual and our faculty understand that students learn in a variety of ways. One classroom might be filled with discussion, another might take a field trip, while yet another might encourage you to explore a research topic with your student peers. No matter the mode and no matter what you study, we believe that ALL students who encounter an Ozarks education will achieve the following:

  • A knowledge of humanity and the natural world through multiple scholarly disciplines.
  • An enhancement of academic skills including inquiry, investigation, analysis, creativity and communication.
  • An application of skills to examine and honor the moral, ethical, social, and spiritual responsibilities in life.
  • An integration of knowledge, skills, and responsibilities to develop our personal and professional futures.

The University of the Ozarks provides the opportunity for students to achieve these things by participating in our LENS program, a powerful combination of one major and two minors which has at its core the opportunity to develop vital orientations to view the world.

The scientist only sees the world through one lens as does the person in humanities and the person in business. But an Ozarks education asks you to see and know each of these. And when you see the world through multiple perspectives, you can change the world in multiple ways.



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