Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

College is a time of discovery and wonder, imagining and re-imagining, affirming and reaffirming who we are as we come into our own identity – this goes beyond academic learning.

Here at Ozarks, we invite students to explore the spiritual side of humanity through a diversity of avenues and experiences. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or just a seeker, we believe we come to know ourselves better when we journey together.

Weekly Sabbath and Worship

Sabbath is one of the University of the Ozarks’ core values. One way we honor Sabbath on campus is that we “close campus” from 11:30-12:30 on Tuesdays so all students, faculty, and staff can worship, rest, and provide other ways of self-care. No classes, meetings, or official events happen during that hour. During Sabbath, we offer a worship service in the Munger-Wilson Memorial Chapel at 11:30 AM. This ecumenical service welcomes believers of all Christian traditions and religious seekers and focuses on music, prayer, scripture reading, and proclaiming God’s Word.

Faith Exploration

Throughout the year, Spiritual Life offers ministry opportunities both on and off campus for all Ozarks students. We offer bible studies, an annual spirituality center, guest speakers, retreats, service projects, conferences, along with partnering with other campus organizations to explore faith from a variety of perspectives. We also have several campus ministries who engage in faith exploration through various religious traditions as well.

Interfaith Relationships

At Ozarks, we strive to find ways that religion connects us to one another rather than divide us. While Ozarks identifies itself a Christian, Presbyterian-related campus, we believe we learn best by making sure people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds have a seat at the table. Sharing commonalities and learning and embracing differences allows us each to grow in our own traditions and build a more inclusive community.

The Cecil and Ruth Boddie Farmer Chapel Guest Speaker

Every winter, Spiritual Life hosts The Cecil and Ruth Boddie Farmer Chapel Guest Speaker. This event presents ways Christians are engaged in the world through a variety of artists, scholars and pastors. Past speakers include: Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, Rev. Dr. Rodger Y. Nishioka, The Honorable Wendell Griffen, and Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow.

Presbyterian Connection

The University’s Presbyterian heritage has been preserved throughout its history through its dedication to Christian values and service. Presbyterians believe that higher education can be a powerful force for transforming society. Presbyterians care about education because we are admonished to love God with our minds, along with our hearts, souls, and strength. We remain connected to the Presbyterian Church (USA) through a covenant relationship with the Synod of the Sun, having a Presbyterian minister serve as our Chaplain, and through the mutual sharing of gifts and ideas between the University of the Ozarks and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Struthers Pastoral Study Leave Program

One of the ways we give back to the Presbyterian Church is by offering ordained Ministers of Word and Sacrament of the PC(USA) an all-expense paid week of self-guided study leave on our campus.

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