Service & Volunteer Opportunities

The University of the Ozarks service and volunteer opportunities are listed below in an effort to keep our students active in civic awareness and service.

Service Projects Amid Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

During the uncertain times, the Ozarks’ first priority is the protection and safety of our students. We have found service and volunteer opportunities that our students can partake in without traveling through our community with nonprofit organizations that are recognized nationally. Our local service projects are currently put on hold until further notice.

Create an Atmosphere of Service

The Ozarks has worked to create an atmosphere of service around our community and throughout our campus. Our partnerships with local and national organizations allow our students to truly embody the spirit of giving back.

Students, if you know of any service projects that you would like to see come to the Ozarks Student Body please email the Director of Student Engagement, Nichole Sherman, at

Our Monthly Eagle Serve Day

In an attempt to spark a desire for giving back to our local, national, and international community, the Serve Team of the Ozarks will be hosting Eagle Serve Day once a month. These programs will be large scale and allow several students to participate and serve.

The Ozarks Presents Our Very Own Eagle Serve Challenge

We are challenging you to serve 40 hours of volunteer work throughout the semester. You can track your hours on our service log.

Throughout the semester, share your service stories and outreach opportunities with the hashtag #EaglesGiveBack on social media.

Opportunities to Serve

Local Outreach:

National Partnerships:

Seasonal Serve Options:

Looking To Partner With The Ozarks?

If you are a local organization that is in need of volunteers, please reach out to the Director of Student Engagement, Nichole Sherman, at We will send out that information to our student body to allow them to partner with you and your mission.