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English majors at Ozarks engage with the greatest authors and ideas from the rich traditions of American and British literature.  Students learn to critically read and think about poetry, prose and drama, and they are introduced to the primary research and theoretical approaches to that literature.  Along the way, our majors explore all aspects of the life of the mind–in research at the library, poetry readings on campus, and literary discussions in the coffee house. In the tradition of a Liberal Arts education, our majors become great writers, thinkers, communicators, and problem solvers.

Degree Outcomes

Many education majors tailor their degree to pursue their teacher licensure.

Students may continue their education at graduate school, law school or seminary.

English majors are well positioned for careers in journalism or public relations.

Example Courses

  • ENG 2133: Literature and the Environment
    Fall 2 2018
    This course studies some of the chief ways in which literature has dealt with the nonhuman environment, concentrating especially on examples of narrative and nonfiction prose, but also with some attention to lyric poetry.
  • ENG 2313: Introduction to Literary Theory
    Ardeneaux, Edward
    This course introduces students to major critical approaches to literature and to the theory that underpins them. These include New Criticism, Marxist criticism, psychoanalytic criticism, structuralist criticism, reader-response criticism, feminist criticism, deconstruction, New Historicism, and postcolonial criticism. Criticism and theory are viewed in the context of the institutional changes of English as a discipline
  • ENG 3233: Modern American Literature
    University of the Ozarks magazine session
    This course traces the development of American literature from turn of the century through the Second World War. A major focus is the novels of writers such as Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Hemingway, and Steinbeck. The course also traces the development of the poetic tradition in the work of writers such as Frost, Pound, Eliot, Stevens, and Williams.
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