Math – the language of the universe


Mathematics is a career-rich field of study. The field of mathematics opens up a wealth of opportunities in a wide variety of professional and career paths for students. Corporations, industries, banking, research, education, insurance, and numerous other areas like the idea of hiring mathematicians for their abilities to critically think and problem solve.

The mathematics faculty invite you to gain more information about this exciting opportunity and hope you will be encouraged to become a part of the growing, energetic team of students that are seeking professions in the career-friendly area of mathematics.  It’s not for everyone, but the reward is there for those who accept the challenge and strive to achieve the goal.

A student with an interest in mathematics and the desire and motivation to study diligently and work rigorously should consider a major or minor in this area.


STEM passion leads Ledieu to summer research opportunity

Eric Ledieu just might be the poster student for STEM on the University of the Ozarks' campus.

Hutto finds harmony in mathematics and history

University of the Ozarks student Samantha Hutto has found an illuminating harmony in the unlikely double majors of history and mathematics.

2010 Ozarks grad working as statistician for Kelley Blue Book

Zi-Jian Khor, a 2010 University of the Ozarks graduate, was recently hired as a statistician by Kelley Blue Book, the industry leader in vehicle valuation, based in Irvine, Cal.

For people who love mathematics, the Ozarks’ program is a community of people who speak your language!