Christie Shoulders

Instructor of Mathematics


Boreham Business Building - 106

I have always had a love for mathematics and basketball which is why I chose to be a mathematics instructor and basketball coach for 16 years in the suburbs of Dallas, TX.  But in 2020 I decided to slightly alter my career path when I was given the opportunity to come back to my Alma Mater as an Instructor of Mathematics. 

I teach Math Literacy, Intro to Statistics, College Algebra, and Calculus II and II.  I strive to make my classes interesting, enjoyable, and applicable to many real-life scenarios. Unfortunately, many students have a distaste for mathematics due to a previous experience(s) from a former math class.  My goal as an instructor is to let my students, especially those with an aversion to math, know understanding math is achievable.  I am going to do everything I can to make math make sense.  I love the challenge of finding multiply approaches for teaching a topic.  There is nothing more rewarding as an instructor than to see students genuinely understand and succeed in mathematics.

In my free time I enjoy working out, photography, restoring and building furniture, and traveling with my husband.