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A minor in religion can be a great complement to your studies at Ozarks. Some of the benefits are personal, such as learning about religion as a means to greater depth and maturity. The religion minor can also help you achieve professional goals. Virtually everyone will work in contexts of cultural and religious diversity, where the background knowledge and skills of a religion minor can always be put to good use. And some may pursue a religion minor as preparation for seminary or lay leadership in the church. Whatever the case, the religion minor at Ozarks may be the right fit for you.

Degree Outcomes

Students will have the religious literacy they need to begin to make sense of everything from the international headlines to the religious identity of their co-worker.

Students can interpret the Bible from multiple perspectives, students will develop the critical thinking skills necessary to analyze complex texts.

Students will discover the benefits of putting different ideas in conversation with each other.

Example Courses

  • REL 3013: Biblical Interpretation
    New Testament is a course that focuses on a particular book or set of books in the New Testament. The goal is to deepen our knowledge not only of the biblical text itself, but also of the lenses that we use, often unwittingly, to interpret it. Recently the course studied the controversial book of Revelation, highlighting a cultural approach that learned just how different the book sounds to migrant workers in Brazil compared to, say, German-American Mennonites in Indiana.
  • REL 1003: Old Testament
    This course is a good, bread-and-butter course in the program that explores the artistry of Biblical narrative and poetry. We also pay special attention to the profound ethical vision evident in the ancient practices of Sabbath and Jubilee, which are woven throughout the Bible. Students in the course get the chance to think about the ways in which those concepts might shape their own vision for the world and the life they seek to live.
  • REL 2083: Judaism, Christian, and Islam
    This course is one of two world religions courses that orients students to the religious diversity of the modern world. It often includes a trip to a nearby mosque or synagogue, as well as guest presentations by representatives of different traditions. We also discover that Christianity, the religion that we all think we know by virtue of its dominance in the West, is really far more diverse and interesting than one might imagine.
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