Mathematics Minor

Mathematics is a field that will enhance and complement any other area of study.  The ability to critically think and problem solve is an advantageous skill for anyone and a minor in mathematics will promote and build this talent.

Degree Outcomes

A minor in mathematics can open doors with future employers and is a strong and useful component for gaining an advantage in the job market.

Students with majors in areas such as business, economics, and finance can bolster their resumes with a minor in mathematics.  This additional benefit will be an attractive feature with many future employers.

The ability to problem solve and think critically is a vital skill in any area and with this aptitude coming from a quantitative perspective, then it might prove just the touch to grab that much sought after position in your major field of study.

Example Courses

  • MTH 2014: Calculus I
    This course includes topics in analytic geometry, functions, limits, continuity, derivatives of algebraic functions, applications of the derivative, antiderivatives, integration, and transcendental functions.
  • MTH 2024: Calculus II
    This course includes topics in the applications of integration, techniques of integration, indeterminate forms, sequences and series, conics, parametric equations, and polar coordinates.
  • MTH 2123: Discrete Mathematics
    The concepts covered in this course include sets, functions, proof techniques, logic, logic circuits, relations on sets, counting principles, pigeonhole principle, binomial coefficients, recurrence relations, and graph theory.
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Mathematics Minor Faculty

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