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The field of mathematics opens up a wealth of opportunities in a wide variety of professional and career paths for students.  The faculty members of the Mathematics Department at the University of the Ozarks provide innovative, high quality instruction to their students.  The excellent student-to-teacher ratio allows personalized instruction with individualized attention in order to better equip students with the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in their chosen careers.  The progression of courses consists of a well-planned mixture of pure and applied mathematics to give a broader and deeper understanding of the discipline of mathematics.  Some of our students tailor their career goals by the addition of a second major and/or minor(s).  This would be an attractive option in fields such as biostatistics, financial management, analysis, and statistics, among others.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates are pursuing careers in industry, government, insurance, banking, software development, and financial management.

Students are entering the teaching field in mathematics education after graduation.

Students pursue graduate school for engineering, computer science, mathematics teaching at a college level, or mathematical research.

Example Courses

  • MTH 3013: Modern Geometry
    A modern development of Euclidean geometry with an introduction to non-Euclidean geometry.
  • MTH 4113: History of Mathematics
    Selected topics in the history of mathematics with an emphasis on the development of mathematics, and the people who contributed to those developments.
  • MTH 4212: Mathematics Seminar
    An independent research project arranged between a mathematics student and an instructor to provide intensive study in a particular area of interest on a topic approved by the mathematics faculty. The course includes a definition of goals appropriate for the advanced student, ways of attaining these goals, and means of measuring progress.
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