Spanish Minor

Students who minor in Spanish at Ozarks will acquire linguistic skills and invaluable knowledge of Hispanic culture. Spanish minors at Ozarks are challenged to strive for higher levels of proficiency in the Spanish language, building skills that will serve them well in their pursuit of employment or graduate studies. 

Degree Outcomes

The minor provides students with important skills and understandings that will serve them in many areas of their personal and professional lives.

The minor serves students as an ideal complement to other major and minor fields at Ozarks, such as Business Administration.

The Spanish minor also compliments science related majors and minors such as Health Sciences, Biology, and Political Science.

Example Courses

  • SPN 3103: Introduction to Literature
    This course is designed for students who have completed the first two semesters of Intensive Spanish. The objective is, through the study of literature, to improve the four fundamental skills involved in second language acquisition (reading, writing, listening and speaking). This class is intended to serve as a bridge to more advanced courses in literature and civilization. Prerequisite: SPN 2104-5, Intensive Intermediate Spanish or Instructor’s permission.
  • SPN 3113: Advanced Grammar and Composition
    This course is an intensive review of Spanish grammar. Students will use the grammar they learned in the Intensive Spanish sequence in more complex and sophisticated ways. Students will continue to increase their vocabulary by rigorous reading, and they will devote their efforts to oral and, of course, written expression. A strong emphasis will be on essay development. Prerequisite: SPN 2104-5, Intensive Intermediate Spanish or instructor’s permission.
  • SPN 3123: Latin-American Civilization
    This variable topic course provides an overview of the origins and development of Latin-American Civilization and culture from its pre-Columbian origins to the present. In addition, each time it is offered, it will focus on different specific regions, including Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, the Andean republics, the Southern Cone region, and Brazil. Students may repeat the course for credit provided that the topic is different. The class is conducted entirely in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 3103, Introduction to Literature and SPN 3113 Advanced Grammar and Composition, or instructor’s permission.
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