Philosophy Major

A student majoring in philosophy studies, evaluates, and develops arguments and ideas that touch upon most fields in relation to the basic assumptions they make about reality, meaning, knowledge, reasoning, ethics, and language in general.   This means that philosophy touches on religions, the arts, the sciences, and the conceptual problems that have arisen through the whole history of ideas.  While many philosophers focus on a single stream doing such thinking–e.g. through the analytic traditions or the so-called continental–the program at the University of the Ozarks aims at a broad knowledge of the field,  and a honing of the important methods of  critique.

Degree Outcomes

Philosophy majors are often interested in law school.

Students also pursue seminary or graduate school.

They are often hired because of their sophistication in problem solving.

Example Courses

  • PHL 4113: Hegel to Nietzsche
    This course is a careful reading of major texts in the 19th century that make real difference to the world views of the 20th and 21st century. The course takes us from dialectic to existentialism.
  • PHL 2023: Pursuit of Wisdom
    This course is a translation of the word philosophy. Unlike other introductions to the field, this course uses primary sources from St. Augustine's "Confessions" to Bertrand Russell to examine the principal concepts and arguments from the field.
  • PHL 2073: Hinduism and Buddhism
    This course exposes students to the texts, beliefs and practices in several non-western traditions. These are multidimensional studies into the interrelated dimensions of religious belief, meditative practice, myth and narrative, music and ritual, etc.
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