Environmental Studies Major

Studying the impact that humans have on the environment, and the impact that the environment has on humans requires a wealth of knowledge in many fields.

In the Environmental Studies major you will be able to tailor your degree to fit your own area of interests. You will take classes in the natural sciences, the social sciences and even literature during your quest to understand your place in the environment. Our students are actively engaged in environmental leadership. Whether it is planning Earth Day Celebrations, participating in stream clean-up projects, or working on habitat restoration projects Ozarks Environmental Studies students make a difference.

Degree Outcomes

Student can work for the National Parks System, the U.S. Forest Service and a variety of non-profits.

Student can also become environmental lawyers. 

Student have the opportunity to do research projects from studying sea turtles to studying the Buffalo River.

Example Courses

  • ENS 1013: Environmental Studies
    Environmental Studies
    The course examines the web of life and the Earth’s ecosystems. Attention is given to mankind’s use of and impact upon the Earth with emphasis on environmental problems such as air and water pollution, ozone depletion, global warming, and resource depletion.
  • ENS 1023: Environmental Science
    Environmental Studies
    This course presents the nature of science, methods of science, and nature of the environment; and then applies this knowledge to selected major environmental problems. For each subject or problem the ethical, social, and political dilemmas and alternatives are discussed.
  • ENG 2133: Literature and the Environment
    Environmental Studies
    In this class you will be reading some of the greatest environmental literature and reflecting on your place in the environment. Authors range from Henry David Thoreau to Aldo Leopold.
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