Elementary Education

Why be a Teacher?

Teaching is a rewarding occupation. As a professional educator, you will shape the future of our society. Teachers have the capacity to impact multiple generations. In order to make a positive impact, we at University of the Ozarks believe future educators should grapple with social issues and some big ideas in education:

  • How do we engage our students through literature, science, mathematics, and technology?
  • What does it mean to understand?
  • How can we use education theory to shape meaningful educational experiences?
  • How can we expand a student’s knowledge of cultures different from their own?

We believe that education is central to a democratic and socially-just society where all members value academic achievement, personal responsibility, social responsibility, and fairness.

Seminar is a chance for students to work together with faculty in a workshop setting to grow professionally.

Family Science Night at Lamar.

Dr. Allison Freed and a group of future educators prepared to work at Lamar elementary school.


Internship has Johnson ready for career in education

University of the Ozarks senior education major Maggie Johnson didn’t have to look far to find her professional role model.

Kappa Delta Pi inducts new members

The University of the Ozarks chapter of Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), the international honor society for teacher education, inducted several new members during a special ceremony in the Pat Walker Teacher Education Program on Thursday, April 27.

Teacher education students attend dyslexia conference

Several students in the University of the Ozarks' teacher education program recently gained valuable experience by taking part in professional education conference on dyslexia.

“What must teachers of the people know in order to provide the proper education of the people?  To put another way, what does it mean to be an educated person, who happens to be a teacher, in a democratic regime?”  

Roger Soder