Academics What Can I Study?

What Can I Study?

What Can I Study?

Most people ask, ‘What can I study?’ Of course we can answer you in a traditional way and say, “You can study lots of things!” You name it, we have it. Psychology, biology, history, English, sustainable agriculture, all of it. We’ve got 23 majors and 36 minors to choose from. But maybe the question is all wrong. Instead it’s not about what you can study; it’s about who you are. We think the question should be “What’s my passion and who do I want to become?” That’s the power of our academic program and our new LENS program. It’s personal. It’s about you. And that’s the point in what you study.

The Lens Program

The LENS Program (Learning Environment for New Synthesis) is our highly distinctive curriculum that allows students to graduate with an academic major and two minors. The LENS program challenges students to attain excellence in each of three academic areas or “lenses” – the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences.
University of the Ozarks combines a liberal arts education with specialization in multiple fields. We believe students who concentrate studies in one area alone limit their adaptability in an ever-changing global environment. With our curriculum, you will explore, discover, and develop many areas of interest. LENS expands academic opportunities for students and frees them from the academic restrictions presented at other colleges and universities. At Ozarks, you will feel empowered to make your own choices about which courses to take, but within a structure that encourages excellency in a particular field.
Our unique and enriching curriculum offers you the breadth and depth of opportunity to get an excellent education. An array of interdisciplinary programs provide opportunities to synthesize and connect what you learn in many different departments. As a student at Ozarks, you will have a broad range of choices, and a great deal of freedom to set your own academic path for the future.

The current University of the Ozarks Catalog is available online in its entirety in Adobe pdf format.

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