Art Minor

The art curriculum at Ozarks blends an intense fine arts studio experience with creative problem solving, abstract thinking, and critical analysis. Students are engaged in learning and responding to the content and complexity of the human experience. Students will find small class sizes that provide a challenging, yet supportive atmosphere, and a strong sense of community. On evenings and weekends, it is not unusual to find the art studios filled with students working on projects and sharing ideas. The art program is diverse and provides students a foundation of technical knowledge while while having the freedom to investigate a range of meaningful ideas to discover their own creative voice.

Degree Outcomes

The Art minor complements areas of study in Education, Psychology, Business, and Communications.

The information students learn goes beyond learning how to create powerful works of art.

Students will increase their creativity, develop new ways of thinking, and gain a breadth and depth of knowledge that will help you to fit in the world.

Example Courses

  • ART 1013: Design
    This class provides an introduction to essential art concepts as you create artworks using a variety of media. The projects will tap into your creativity and stretch your way of thinking.
  • ART 2033: Ceramics I
    You will work with one of the oldest and most enduring materials in the world. Take this ancient tradition and make it your own, finding inspiration in both historic and contemporary ways of creating.
  • ART 2113: Art History I
    Explore thousands of years of human experience though art and design. Learn about the how and why early humans created portable figurines and the impact of classical Greek art on the world.
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