American Studies Minor

The minor in American Studies provides Ozarks students with the opportunity to learn more about history, culture, and social institutions within the United States from the perspectives of distinct academic disciplines.  In addition to building their skills of critical thinking and self-expression, American Studies minors deepen their awareness and understanding of an American society that continues to face many of the same challenges and opportunities that have influenced it through the years.

Degree Outcomes

American Studies majors are well positioned for careers in politics.

Students may also become business reporters.

American Studies majors are well suited to become political lobbyist.

Example Courses

  • HIS 2183/4183: Modern United States History
    American Studies
    This course provides a detailed examination of selected events, themes, and issues relevant to the history of the United States from the late nineteenth through the twentieth century. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the growth of an increasingly activist federal government, U.S. foreign policy and international influence, the ongoing movement for civil rights, and the evolution and importance of U.S. popular culture.
  • ENG 4203: Literature of Early America
    American Studies
    This course is a survey of literary works produced in North America before about 1820. This course examines the literature of—but is not limited to—European exploration, colonial promotion, religious revival, African slavery, cross-cultural contact, gender relations, imperial crisis, American independence, the creation of the American Republic, and the emergence of a distinctive American identity.
  • PLS 2013: American National Government
    American Studies
    This course is a survey of major facets of the U.S. political system, including its national institutions, federalism, public opinion, parties and interest groups, campaigns and elections, political culture, civil liberties and rights, and public policy issues. This course addresses perennial issues of political science, including questions of authority, power, and justice, through an examination of American institutions and contemporary issues.
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