Criminal Justice Minor

The criminal justice minor consists of 18 hours and provides students a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of the criminal justice system. Students will have the opportunity to take courses in Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Students will study the American Criminal Justice System and become familiar with the concepts and research methods necessary to work in criminology or criminal justice. This minor will be useful preparation for careers in social service, counseling, law, law enforcement, corrections, and graduate studies.

Degree Outcomes

Students will study the American Criminal Justice System.

Students will be familiar with the concepts and research methods necessary to work in criminology.

Students can pursue careers in the justice system.

Example Courses

  • SOC 2003: Introduction to Criminal Justice
    Criminal Justice
    This course introduces the components and processes of the criminal justice system by examining the historical development, current operation, and future trends of criminal justice.
  • PSY 3153: Psychology and the Law
    Criminal Justice
    An examination of the legal system through the use of psychological concepts, methods, and research results. A coverage of a number of topics relevant to social sciences include dilemmas that persist and recur, such as the right of mentally, eyewitness identification, the punishment prescribed by judges, jury selection, criminal investigation and the rights of victims and children. Examples of actual cases and trials are used in the course to apply psychology's scientific findings in the legal system
  • PLS 2063: Criminal Law I
    Criminal Justice
    This course is an in-depth study of criminal law. Focus is on the law of criminal procedure (e.g., probable cause) and the law of evidence (e.g., what types of testimony are allowed under what conditions). Course format is case briefs and moot courts.
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