Athletic Coaching Minor

The Minor in Coaching Athletics is currently housed in the division of education and is intended for students seeking credentialing for coaching/supervising athletics either through non-traditional routes to teacher licensure or other coaching related careers.

Degree Outcomes

Provide quality training that will have a positive impact on coaching performance.

Establish benchmarks for hiring quality coaches into the athletic program.

Example Courses

  • HSC 2014: Anatomy & Physiology I
    Athletic Coaching
    This course deals with the various systems of the human body that are relevant for human physical activity. Focus is on the skeleton, joints, muscular system, and the respiratory system.
  • PHE 3013 Theory of Coaching Athletics
    Athletic Coaching
    This course is designed to provide the prospective coach with different coaching philosophies, for developing appropriate relations with girls and boys of various ages, for equipment and facility care, for understanding fundamental physical training techniques, for techniques of skill development, and for developing team strategies and tactics.
  • 3073 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
    Athletic Coaching
    This course is designed to prepare coaches in the prevention, care, recognition, and management of athletic injuries. Topics of emphasis include the set-up and design of an athletic training facility, research in sports medicine related topics, and understanding the profession of athletic training. This course also focuses on hands-on skills such as preventive taping and emergency splinting. Prerequisite: HSC 2014, Anatomy/Physiology I.
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