Biology Minor

The minor in Biology offers students an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of science, and gain basic biology concepts and knowledge. The required upper-level courses provide more depth in a subject or more variety. A minor in biology complements well many majors such as Environmental Studies, Political Science, Business Administration, Art or Philosophy. Or you might minor in biology just because it is so much fun. Biology is the science of life, so it’s always everywhere anyone lives.

Degree Outcomes

Hospital administration (business administration), Game Warden (criminal justice), Environmental organizations and activism (sociology)

Government Environmental and Healthcare agencies (political science)

Medical and Veterinary Illustration (art), Naturalist (literature and photography)

Example Courses

  • BIO 1783: Virus Hunters
    Students learn to isolate bacteriophages from soil samples and identify new species with genetic techniques.
  • BIO 2034: Animal Diversity and Evolution
    Students learn how animals originated and to capture and identify local species.
  • BIO 4044: Field Ecology
    Students learn techniques for studying populations, communities and ecosystems. They conduct their own original hands experiments and present their finding to their peers.
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Biology Minor Faculty

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