Housing FAQ

Housing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an automated speaker system for the campus?

The city of Clarksville has an audible siren that can be activated for the inclement weather. If students hear this siren, they should check their cell phone or the university website for important information. For important campus-wide communication, the university utilizes an emergency notification system that contacts students via text message if they have a cell phone number on file with the institution.

Do students have an Ozarks email addresses?

All students have a university email address that is used when university officials are contacting students via email. This is one of the institution’s formal methods of communication, and students should check their Ozarks email on a daily basis. Students may also use this address for personal use.

Does the University provide any group transportation for off-campus shopping or activities?

Yes, the university offers a free shuttle service every Saturday that provides transportation to various destinations in the Clarksville area. While we do not endorse any external agency specifically, there are local taxi services available for students to utilize in town.

What is the charge for losing a room key?

The fee for a replacement is $100 per key that is misplaced for a University residence hall or suite. For houses and apartments on campus, a replacement fee of $150 is charged.

Do students have to clean their own bathroom?

A: Communal bathrooms in King, Smith, MacLean, and the Suites are cleaned by university housekeeping staff. If you live in a residence hall room with a private bathroom or live in the apartments or houses, you are responsible for cleaning your own bathroom.

Do students have to clean their community kitchens?

If you live in an apartment or house on campus, you are responsible for cleaning your own kitchen and community living areas. If you live in King, Smith, the Suites, or MacLean, you are responsible for cleaning and maintaining your dishes and leaving the community kitchen clean for the next person to use. University housekeeping staff cleans the community kitchens as part of their regular building housekeeping routine.

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