What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of groups of persons. The sociologist, as a scientist, collects data systematically, develops ideas about relationships, and produces guidelines for predicting human activity.

Sounds quite important, doesn’t it? In truth, the role of the sociologist is an important one. For it is through the work of sociologists that we gain an understanding of what makes societies behave the way they do.

“Why is this an important thing to know?” you might be wondering. Well consider this example: In some societies, women are not permitted to go to school. And yet research has shown that there is a strong relationship between women’s education in different regions and socio-economic development of these regions. Simply put, the work of sociologists has given the people in those regions a way to help reduce poverty – send their daughters to school.

One of the hallmarks of our program at Ozarks is that it allows you to become broadly trained in the discipline of sociology in an intimate and hands-on learning environment. You are given the opportunity to learn sociology by getting involved and engaged. This is done through the study of concepts and theories, training in research methods and ethics, and collaborative research with faculty and other students. Another unique aspect of the sociology program is that you are given the opportunity to complete a senior research project that can help set them apart from others in a competitive job market or make them more desirable for graduate school.

Our sociology program is challenging, but it’s worth the effort. Our graduates tell that story better than anyone. Lee is a youth director and activity coordinator with the Salvation Army in Dallas, Erica is a family services worker with the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services, and Monica is a researcher with the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in El Salvador. Sociology majors can pursue careers in a number of fields, including business, government, education, social services, journalism, research, fund-raising, marketing, non-profits, recreation and health and human services.



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Six Ozarks seniors present research project results

As the spring 2012 semester came to a close, six Ozarks seniors gathered in the Hanna Room in Seay Student Center to present the results of their senior research projects.