American Studies

The Stories of a Nation and Ourselves

Whether you are a citizen, long-term resident, or an international guest, the idea of the United States of America has impacted your life in a number of obvious and not-so-obvious ways. The American Studies minor at Ozarks provides students with an opportunity to reflect more deeply and consciously on the institutions, ideals, and cultural practices that have formed this nation from its earliest foundations through the present day.

ozarks american flagWith the assistance of their minor advisor, students put together their own American Studies curriculum that draws on the perspectives and methodologies of History, English, and one other academic discipline.  This inter-disciplinary minor not only builds the skills of critical thought, research, and self-expression that are central to the Humanities lens at Ozarks, but it also shows students how their knowledge in one academic area can enhance their understanding of another academic area.

How many different Abraham Lincolns do you know? How many of them are out there for you to meet?



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Sawyer finds ideal fit with BookTrails internship

As Jake Sawyer was reading the Office of Career Services' weekly Career Corner newsletter last semester, a line under the internship opportunities section with the title, "BookTrails: Steamboat Springs, Colorado," suddenly caught his eye.