Sociology Minor

Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. Students who have a background in sociology know how to think critically about human social life and how to ask important research questions. The sociology minor combines well with almost any other degree program because students trained in sociology have learned how to think, how to evaluate, and how to communicate effectively. These are all valuable abilities in a wide variety of vocations and professions. Common majors who select sociology as a minor include, biology (pre-health), environmental studies, philosophy, psychology, literature, and American studies.

Degree Outcomes

Students trained in sociology will learn how to think, how to evaluate, and how to communicate effectively.

Students with a minor in sociology will have the advantage of a greater understanding of the impacts of their major area (e.g., business) on society as a whole and on groups within society.

Students with a minor in sociology will have a basis for more completely informed decision-making as they seek to better understand their roles in their families, personal relationships, and society at large.

Example Courses

  • SOC 1013: Introduction of Sociology
    A survey of the terms, research methods, and theoretical bases of Sociology. The dynamics of human interaction, societal institutions, and development of the human community are considered
  • SOC 3073: Race, Class and Gender
    This course is a survey of the objective and subjective dimension of social stratification and inequality in the United States. This includes the examination of both historical and contemporary perspectives and involves the study of factors such as social mobility, ethnicity, conflict, race, social class, and gender
  • SOC 4023: Social Theory
    A study of the ideas and philosophies that shape the sociological perspective. The various contemporary theoretical orientations of sociologists are considered.
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