Employee Giving

We stand together.

Every gift matters in this effort. We can transform the lives of our students.

You are making a difference. Each gift:

  • Sends a message to external audiences that our faculty and staff care about and support the University.
  • Helps make an Ozarks education possible for future students through increased scholarships.
  • Increases the University’s chances of obtaining funding from foundations that look at employee giving.
  • Helps boost our rankings on lists such as U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges and Universities.
  • Magnifies the value of an Ozarks education.
  • Enhances the Ozarks experience for everyone – from students to alumni and beyond.

Your support matters.

Each year, a new group of students arrives at our door. Some from neighboring counties. Others from cities around the world. But no matter where they come from they all start their journey in the same place – on an amazing campus where promise finds purpose. With your help, we will continue to prepare them for the road that lies ahead, inspiring the uncertain, encouraging the brave and providing each student with the foundation they need to achieve their dreams.

Will you climb with us this year?

Your support matters