The Science of Behavior


Are you passionate about human development or helping people to live more fulfilling lives? Do you wonder about human interactions or how the brain makes and stores memories? Psychology may help you discover these answers. If you consider the vast array of behaviors that humans engage in, it is little wonder that this field encompasses an incredible number of topics and subdisciplines to explore. Students choosing to major in Psychology begin with a broad overview of the many topics in Psychology such as neuroscience, abnormal psychology, positive psychology, and cognition. In our program behavior is analyzed from a number of levels from the neuronal to the cultural. From this introduction to the field, students are able to tailor their course of study to their primary interests in the field. Additionally, students apply their understanding by direct experience in clinical work in local community agencies. Enrichment of the scientific understanding of human behavior is an ongoing process in coursework and culminates with a research project that you design, conduct, interpret and present on campus and at professional conferences. The combined experience of research and application of skills provides excellent opportunities for graduate training and employment.

Humans learn best by doing. Psychology students at Ozarks get opportunities to EXPERIENCE psychology:
• At least 90 hours of supervised clinical contact hours in community agencies
• Collaboration with faculty on original, publishable research
• Attendance and participation at regional and national conferences
• Enriching the university campus through awareness promotions and activities including Positive Psychology Week, Stress Management, Flourishing Exercises, Mental Health Awareness Week and more.



Stiner’s research probes effects of caffeine on memory

A love of coffee and an ongoing quest to improve study habits led Victoria Stiner directly to her psychology senior capstone project.

Psychology program plans activities for Mental Illness Awareness Week

The University of the Ozarks' psychology program as well as the student-led Psychology Club will host a series of events on campus in conjunction with the national Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 3-7.

Class to present Positive Psychology Week April 11-15

University of the Ozarks Associate Professor of Psychology Karen Jones' positive psychology class is hosting a week's worth of activities geared toward boosting positive feelings and well-being across campus.

“Education survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten.”

B.F. Skinner