Psychology Minor

As a student who minors in psychology, you will complement your major by integrating the scientific, behavior and social domains of psychology to understanding human behavior.  You will learn how people cognitively process their personal and business relationships through group process interactions and brain science approaches with experience gained through laboratory and clinical service.  The primary goal for our students is to help you choose a career that provides opportunities for you to have a productive and meaningful life.

Degree Outcomes

You will learn the science of human behavior and apply it to any career in fields such as criminal justice, human services or business management.

Developing critical thinking skills in psychology courses such as social psychology will aid you to effectively evaluate the quality of the source and potential bias of information and aid in any profession such as being a case manager or communications relationship director.

Becoming familiar with psychological concepts, language and theories will create opportunities for you to professionally communicate with others in any professional field and especially as a case worker, art therapist, social worker, teacher or sports psychologist.

Example Courses

  • PSY 3043: Social Psychology Examination
    This course of behavioral regularities related to social and cultural contexts; review and assessment of theories and research. Emphasis on interpersonal theories.
  • PSY 3053: Health Psychology Study
    This study of psychology’s contributions to the promotion and maintenance of health, prevention and treatment of illness, and identification of etiologic and 123 Press Alt + Left Arrow to return to previous catalog location diagnostic correlates of health, illness, and related dysfunctions.
  • PSY 2023: Abnormal Psychology Introduction
    This introduction to the study of abnormal behavior. Consideration will be given to the history of the concept of abnormality. Symptoms, prevention and treatment will be studied.
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