Psychology Major

As a student in the University of the Ozarks psychology program, you will learn the traditional theoretical, empirical, and applied areas of psychology. We will offer you opportunities to enrich your understanding of behavior, cognition and emotions through collaboration with faculty on research projects, as well as applying your understanding though service experiences in the community. We will prepare you to meet the academic standards required for graduate work in any number of areas (counseling/clinical, social work, neuroscience, etc.). A bachelor’s degree in Psychology also provides a foundation to thrive in a number of areas of work and life such as: business, teaching, healthcare, coaching, family dynamics, relationships and ethical decision making.

Degree Outcomes

Students receive orientation, training and education in the Scientist Practitioner model of psychology proposed by the American Psychological Association.

Students develop research and practice skills to prepare them for graduate school in psychology, education, clinical/counseling settings and neuropsychology.

Students develop a better understanding of the relationship between their intrapersonal and interpersonal adjustments in their personal lives and work goals.

Example Courses

  • PSY 4033: Cognitive Psychology
    Study of human information processing. Topics include stimulil identification, attention, memory, language, decision making and problem solving.
  • PSY 3033: Positive Psychology
    Positive psychology encompasses the study of positive experience, positive individual traits, and the institutions and practices that facilitate their development. This course reviews the history of positive psychology and the contributions this new field has made to several traditional research areas in psychology.
  • PSY 3783: Introduction to Counseling Skills
    Through this course, students will learn and practice applying basic counseling skills. Topics covered include: building a therapeutic alliance, self-awareness, multicultural competence, and various theoretical approaches. Students will engage in frequent counseling role-plays to practice skills learned and to experience what providing counseling might feel like.
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