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Studying Political Science at University of the Ozarks will provide students with an  opportunity to develop an in depth understanding of the institutions, practices and concepts that shape the world around them. Whether they are interested in American politics, International Relations, or the foundations of US law, Political Science students at U of O will work closely with dedicated faculty in a friendly but challenging environment where than will cultivate an ability to critically engage with important political questions and problems. The program is focused on providing students with practical experience and insights into politics, and has a range of opportunities for students that include Moot Court and Model UN programs, and support for students to pursue internships in government at the local, state, and national level. 

Degree Outcomes

A Political Science degree is excellent preparation for law school or graduate school in public policy or political science. 

Political Science majors go on to careers in government, media and business where they can apply their knowledge of political issues and institutions to work on policy, inform and educate the public, and help develop successful business strategies. 

Internship opportunities supported by U of O Political Science help students gain the experience they need to work on political campaigns or get jobs in the public sector after they graduate.

Example Courses

  • PLS 2013: American National Government
    Political Science
    A survey of major facets of the U.S. political system, including its national institutions, federalism, public opinion, parties and interest groups, campaigns and elections, political culture, civil liberties and rights, and public policy issues. This course addresses perennial issues of political science, including questions of authority, power, and justice, through an examination of American institutions and contemporary issues.
  • PLS 4043: Contemporary Issues in U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security
    Political Science
    An upper level course that considers American grand strategy in light of contemporary views and disagreements about American foreign policy interests, national threats, and defensive resources and policies. Students will identify and evaluate the values, objectives, institutions, and processes that inform the national security apparatus
  • PLS 2053: Public Policy Analysis
    Political Science
    An analytical examination of policy-making and implementation, focusing on the interaction of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Although the course focuses on policy within the United States, comparisons are made with policy making theories and practices in other systems
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