Entrepreneurship Minor

This minor is designed as the perfect combination for students to follow their dreams and desires. Whether it is music or psychology, this degree will provide sufficient knowledge to start and run a business. Entrepreneurship expands students’ limitless capabilities, from being an employee to becoming the boss. Students will acquire basic accounting, economics, financing, management, and marketing knowledge.

Degree Outcomes

Students learn the basics to start and manage their own businesses.

Students apply the concepts to make a competitive business.

Students learn how to obtain a profitable path for a successful business.

Example Courses

  • MKT 1013: Marketing Concepts
    This course is an introduction to the foundational concepts of marketing. This course will assess, understand, and target the marketplace and apply product, price, promotion, and distribution strategies to a product.
  • ECN 1003: Introduction to Economics
    This course is an introduction to general economics. The course content includes aggregate economic performance, consumption and investment, multiplier effect, inflation, business cycles, supply and demand, price determination, income distribution, elasticities, marginal utilities, and comparative economic systems.
  • BSA 4033: Entrepreneurship Capstone
    This course is an intentional experience designed to prepare individuals to perform development, marketing, and management functions associated with owning and operating a small business. The course may be delivered in various modalities, including lectures, internships, practicums, or other appropriate experiences to synthesize the entrepreneurship curriculum.
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