Music Studies

This minor does not require prior musical experience or training. The Music Studies minor is intended for students who are interested in deepening their understanding and appreciation of different types of music. Along with two semesters of Music Literature, students choose electives ranging from music history, film music, church music, and other courses. A Music Studies minor may be useful for students majoring in other academic divisions who wish to combine a love of music in a creative way with professional fields such as journalism, business, radio/television/video, psychology or other areas.

Credits Course Type Course Title
6 Required MUS 2113, 2123 Music Literature I and II
9 Three Upper-Level
Music Courses
MUS 3123, 3133, 3143, 3153 (music period courses)
MUS 3003 Movie Music
MUS 3013 Themes in Film Music (two different topics)
MUS 3xx3 Musical Repertoire



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