Church Music

This minor is intended primarily for those who already have some musical training and wish to apply their gifts to music ministry in their spare time as teachers, doctors, and other types of professionals. Beyond improving musical skills in keyboard, voice and/or choral singing, students will prepare for a part-time church music position through upper-level courses in church music that fit their interests and area of desired expertise. An elective course in Religion is also possible with the advisor’s approval.

Credits Course Type Course Title
3 Required MUS 3xx3 Topics in Church Music
4 Required Four semesters of Applied Lessons or Ensembles
2 Required MUS 3102 Basic Conducting
9 Three Electives
(2 must be upper-level)
MUS 3xx3 Musical Repertoire
MUS 3xx3 Topics in Church Music (different topic than above)
Religion course with approval of advisor


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