JLC Learning Tracks

A one-of-a-kind set of tools with two tracks.

The JLC offers two tracks of support for our students.

The comprehensive program provides a daily 30-minute appointment with an Academic Program Coordinator who functions as a coordinator of services and academic coach.  These sessions help students to plan and organize their time and tasks. Students and coordinators talk about each class, the assignments of each, and how to begin/continue/reach out for support. The coordinator also helps the student to make the most of the peer tutoring time, discusses class notes (provided), and assists in coordinating any additional services needed.

The JLC also offers individual assistance through two full-time writing specialists. Students can sign up for time to work with the writing specialists for individual support on papers or any type of writing assignment. They can help with any part of the writing process: brainstorming a topic, structuring research, outlining, etc.

In addition, our students receive testing accommodations. These include 1-to-1 testing in which a staff member can read or take dictation for the student; or they can receive accommodations such as extended exam in a quiet room by themselves.

The peer tutoring through the JLC is 1-1 and subject specific. In addition, we offer small group study/lab sessions taught by our full-time staff members, as well as an evening peer writing assistant who provides individual support.

Track 2 offers a design-your-support option.

For students who need different types of support

The Track 2 program is designed for students who want to design their own level of support. The baseline includes:

  • a twice a week appointment with an Academic Program Coordinator,
  • provided class notes,
  • access to two professional writing specialists, and testing accommodations (monitored with extended time in a private room).

From there, students can choose subject specific tutoring add-on services for an additional fee, if they are needed.