Pre-Pharmacy Major

A career in pharmacy offers a broad range of opportunities including local and hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical and medical field sales, and medical research. A student planning a career in pharmacy ordinarily completes two years of pre-pharmacy course work prior to seeking admission to a school of pharmacy. The student should work closely with the pre-pharmacy advisor to tailor their program to the requirements of the particular pharmacy school in which the student is interested.

Degree Outcomes

Advise students about how to meet admissions requirements for pharmacy schools, of the students choosing, through coursework in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Help students grow as compassionate members of a larger community.

Help mentor students on complimentary pathways that will round out their pharmacy school applications.

Example Courses

  • CHM 4104: Biochemistry
    Introduction to the major classes of biological molecules and their chemistry in living systems.
  • BIO 3134: Microbiology
    A general course designed for biology majors and those in pre-professional training. This course will acquaint students with the diversity, structures, and functions of microscopic organisms as related to their medical, immunological, and environmental significance, with special emphasis on bacteria. Safety procedures, culture techniques, and identification of microorganisms will be emphasized. There is one 3-hour laboratory per week.
  • PHY 2114: General Physics I
    A survey course in physics for science and engineering students. Introduces the use of calculus in interpreting physical phenomena. Problem solving and problem solving logic are an important part of this course. Topics include vectors, kinematics, Newton’s laws, circular motion, work, energy, impulse, momentum, rotational motion, elasticity, simple harmonic motion, fluids, waves, and sound.
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