Physical Education K-12 (Licensure) Major

Physical Education majors at Ozarks learn how to become advocates for the public’s health through an important and ongoing study of behaviors associated with adopting an active lifestyle. By learning to apply methods for teaching and learning, Ozarks physical education majors help to explain the reciprocal relationship between physical activity, fitness, and health in an effort to reduce the risks associated with hypokinetic disease. To meet the significant challenges and opportunities related to active living within the American culture today, the physical education major at Ozarks offers instruction in many areas of the health sciences including: kinesiology, exercise physiology, health education, public health promotion, coaching athletics, administration of sport, physical education curriculum design for schools, and methods for teaching physical education programming. Completion of the physical education program of study will lead to a teaching license in Arkansas public schools for K-12 grades, and also provides opportunities for coaching athletics.

Degree Outcomes

Students become licensed physical educators.

Students pursue athletic coaching.

Students enroll in graduate programs.

Teacher candidates that complete all of the required components of the Pat Walker Teacher Education Program will be eligible for an Arkansas teaching license at the end of their program of study. Our program will not align with the teacher certification licensure requirements of other states. Graduating from the University of the Ozarks Teacher Education Program will not automatically qualify program completers to receive a teaching license in another state. Teacher candidates and program completers will want to consult the Department of Education website of their preferred state in order to examine educator licensure and reciprocity requirements should they seek licensure in a state outside of Arkansas. Foundations of Reading Information

Example Courses

  • PHE 3232: Measurement and Evaluation
    Physical Education
    This course is an introduction to measurement theory and selection of appropriate tests for the physical educator. Test construction, interpretation of tests, and evaluation of results are explored in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains, as well as physical fitness and sports skills.
  • PHE 3044: Methods of Teaching Physical Education & Health in Secondary Schools
    Physical Education
    The basic purpose of this course is to prepare the secondary physical education instructor to deliver the coordinated school health curriculum. Focus will be on developmentally appropriate content for teaching students in grades seven through twelve. This course includes such topics as classification of students, organization of classes, choice and selection of material, the making of lesson plans, and techniques of teaching activities.
  • PHE 3422 Physical Education and Health for K-6 Teachers
    Physical Education
    This course is designed to provide the pre-service K-6 classroom teacher with a knowledge base in the principles of physical fitness, physical education curriculum planning and appropriate selection of physical activities for elementary students. Candidates will complete hands-on projects working with children and integrating physical education with other subjects found in the grades K-6 curriculum. Course presents instruction in mental and emotional health, drug education, diet, exercise, sexuality, and diseases, and safety concepts as they relate to quality and longevity of life.
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