Becoming a well-rounded adult means more than earning a degree or refining a skill.
It means exploring every aspect of the human experience – including spirituality.


At University of the Ozarks, we encourage you to actively pursue your spiritual growth and form deeper connections with the world around you.

While we’re a private university affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), we’re open and accepting of all. You are welcome to attend weekly services held in our beautiful campus chapel or pursue your spiritual development on your own through a number of student organizations reflecting a wide spectrum of spiritual beliefs.

As an institution and as individuals we are called to follow the core values of our shared Christian heritage:

    • Service
    • Justice
    • Growth
    • Hospitality
    • Honesty
    • Sabbath



    At University of the Ozarks, we call one another to offer sustainable, life-affirming service to all we contact. We strive, as well, to offer our service with generosity and joy so that it can be received as a gift. We strive to ensure that our energies are spent wisely in the service of all of creation.


    Members of the University of the Ozarks community are called to right injustice. We are committed to engaging with the diversity in our local areas and in the larger world and speaking out when we find mistreatment of any living individual or group. To this end, we seek the courage to look around ourselves, ahead of where we are, and beyond our nearest horizons.


    We are committed to the personal development of all members of the University of the Ozarks community, as well as the communal development of our University and its spirit. We seek to assist one another in identifying our academic, spiritual, personal, and institutional vocations and pathways.


    Having been blessed with a beautiful campus, surrounded by ample opportunities to experience the natural environment, we are called to welcome all who visit us, especially those who one might consider an outsider. Our campus and our lives are enriched by guests who enrich our community with new life and new possibilities.


    University of the Ozarks is a place of communal living – we learn as a community in our academics, we live together in the residence halls, we work together in our offices and conference rooms. In order for our community to flourish, we are called to participate in truth-telling. Owning up to our own mistakes and gently reminding others of ways in which they can do better are essential to building and maintaining our community.


    At the heart of the week, members of the University of the Ozarks community stop in a spirit of worship, of jubilee, and of rest and discernment. The importance of this Sabbath is to replenish our souls so that we can finish the race ahead of us mindful of our callings to service, justice, growth, hospitality, and honesty.


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For nearly 200 years

The University of the Ozarks has been providing students the courage to be who they are and the freedom to be something more, assisting them on their journey to live a full life.