Are you interested in pursuing music as a profession or creatively combining music with another area of study in our innovative LENS program? Do you want to pursue other areas of study entirely but still sing in a choral ensemble? Whatever your interest level in music, whether serious or casual, there are opportunities for YOU in the music department!

In the Ozarks music program, students hone their abilities in vocal, piano, and/or organ performance through private lessons and participation in ensembles and studio classes. In addition, students also study written and aural theory, music history, and a myriad of other topics chosen to explore each student’sown unique interests in the field, which may include topics in church music, film music, literature, or conducting.

What can I do with a music major or minor? Depending on your interests and career goals, our music faculty will help you design an individualized program of study that will combine music with two other areas of study in our LENS program. You will graduate from Ozarks with a unique, well-rounded liberal arts degree, providing you with a multi-focused marketability that will appeal to potential employers and/or graduate programs. You may choose to pursue part-time or full-time employment or graduate studies in music performance, education, therapy, business, composition, church music, or musicology.


New U of O choral director eager to share his passion for music

University of the Ozarks' new assistant professor of music and choral director, Dr. Jonathan Ledger, knows first-hand the powerful life-changing value of a liberal arts education, and he is eager to share those lessons with his students.

Sturch turns love of music into thriving business

Corbin Sturch has found a way to turn his love of music into a lucrative entrepreneurial endeavor.

Concert gives Chamber Singers a new perspective on music

As a performer, it can be an exciting challenge to tackle a new musical style or vocal technique. Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned professional doesn't really matter. It's a chance to push yourself – to refine your musical skills and to find out more about your vocal capabilities.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Victor Hugo