Art is not just another major at college—it’s the beginning of a lifelong creative journey.

The art curriculum at Ozarks blends an intense fine arts studio experience with creative problem solving, abstract thinking, and critical analysis. Students are engaged in learning and responding to the content and complexity of the human experience.

The art program is diverse in nature, allowing students to explore a variety of fine art media, such as Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Ceramics. From this broad foundation of technical knowledge, students have the freedom to investigate a range of meaningful ideas to discover their own creative voice.

Students will find small class sizes that provide a challenging, yet supportive atmosphere, and a strong sense of community. On evenings and weekends, it is not unusual to find the art studios full of students working on projects and sharing ideas.

Along the way, students have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions on and off campus, work with visiting artists, participate in internships, take field trips to museums, and galleries, and travel to workshops and conferences. These experiences help students make connections, discover new ideas, and build professional skills.

An art degree at Ozarks goes beyond learning how to create powerful works of art. By combining an Art major with minors such as Education, Business, Environmental Science, or Psychology, students gain a breadth and depth of knowledge that helps them find their fit in the world.


Gonzalez’s "Conundrum" exhibit combines puzzles, storytelling

Obed Gonzalez's senior art exhibit, "Conundrum," is a project that's been in the works since he first stepped on campus four years ago as a freshman.

U of O art professor named award recipient

University of the Ozarks Professor of Art Tammy Harrington, along with her husband Neal, will be the recipients of the prestigious Beaux Arts Academy Award as the Visual Artists of the Year from the River Valley Arts Center in Russellville, Ark.

Payton takes second in River Valley art event

Ten University of the Ozarks art students had the opportunity to have their works on display at the 2017 Collegiate Art Competition, held March 5, 2017, at the River Valley Arts Center in Russellville, Ark.

“I think the art department is particularly special because you can do things the other programs won’t let you do, and that is to express yourself.”

Obed Gonzalez, Class of 2017