Theatre Minor

The Theatre minor at Ozarks centers on the core belief that by modeling professionalism during rehearsals, labs, projects, classes, and internships, students will develop skills which make them more marketable and diverse. We seek to educate students in all aspects of the theatrical arts. Analytical skills, problem solving, creativity, and cooperative endeavors are promoted through participation in theatre productions.  Students with a minor in theatre are prepared to incorporate these skills into other major or minor fields.

Degree Outcomes

Students with a minor in theatre are prepared to incorporate the diverse skills in a wide range of professions.

The emphasis in advanced critical thinking, problem solving, versatility, communication, empathy, and collaboration complement many other fields of study. 

Example Courses

  • THR 1023: Stagecraft
    Students will explore the practical and theoretical aspects of theatre production through a combination of text and hands-on work. This class compliments the work being done in production during the theatre season.
  • THR 3123: Directing
    This course is an overview of the analytical and creative processes that inform the director's work. This course focuses on the fundamentals of stage directing, including script selection, analysis, casting, composition, picturization, movement, stage business, and tempo.
  • THR 2013: Fundamentals of Acting
    This course explores the fundamentals of the work of Konstantin Stanislavski. Students will apply techniques of action, physical score, given circumstances, subtext, inner image, goals, and objectives, through line, superobjective, and emotional recall. The class will take a functional approach to the basic techniques of acting, culminating in a showcase performance. Laboratory experience required
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