Lucas Hoiland

Theatre Technical Director and Media Production Assistant

I teach Technical Theatre and am really excited about our students growing and learning about the backstage side of a performance. When an audience enters the theatre they see the finished product. They don’t see the empty stage we started with. They don’t see 100’s of hours of work that went into the production. They don’t see the individual set pieces that had to be rebuilt three times in the teaching process. They, hopefully, do see the growth our students make in the area of technical theatre.

Most theatre students when coming to college have dreams of bright lights, Broadway, and being on stage. My favorite part is when that student develops an appreciation for backstage work and even begins to enjoy it. And they start doing more and more jobs backstage. I try to bring as much energy as possible to shop and make the work we do fun. I have been teaching technical theatre for over 20 years, and here at Ozarks since 2013. I have designed scenery for Diary of Anne Frank, Loves Labours Lost, Extremities, and Shake My Tree. I have designed lights for Always, Patsy Cline, Bug,Circle Mirror Transformation, True West, Diary of Anne Frank, Loves Labours Lost, Extremities, Proof, and Shake My Tree. I look forward to meeting and working with our students for many more!