Theatre Major

University of the Ozarks Theatre is centered on the core belief that by conducting ourselves with professionalism during our rehearsals, labs, projects, classes, and internships, we will achieve success both here in our program and onward in the professional world. We seek to educate students in all aspects of the theatrical arts. Analytical skills, problem solving, and cooperative endeavors are promoted through the creative and collaborative process of theatre productions. 

Degree Outcomes

Graduate/ Professional Programs

Professional and Local Theatres

Teaching and Art Administration

Example Courses

  • THR 1023: Stagecraft
    Students will explore the practical and theoretical aspects of theatre production through a combination of text and hands-on work. This class compliments the work being done in production during the theatre season.
  • THR 2093/3093: Topics in Performance
    This class offers students the opportunity to develop their performance skills through investigation of selected topics. Possible topics might include musical theatre performance, period acting styles, improvisation, or application of a specific acting theory to a performance. This class may be repeated for credit provided the topic is different.
  • THR 3123: Directing
    This course is an overview of the analytical and creative processes that inform the director's work. This course focuses on the fundamentals of stage directing, including script selection, analysis, casting, composition, picturization, movement, stage business, and tempo.
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