Pre-Physical Therapy Major

The Pre-professional Therapy Concentration is designed for students with a major in Health Science, who wish to complete the matriculation requirements for admission into a graduate program in Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. Students should review the matriculation requirements of their intended graduate program and then work with their faculty advisors to choose the courses best suited to their intended graduate program.

Degree Outcomes

Advise students about how to meet admissions requirements for Physical or Occupational Therapy schools, of the students choosing, through coursework in Health Science along with other required coursework.

Help students grow as compassionate members of a larger community.

Help mentor students on complimentary pathways that will round out their Physical or Occupational Therapy school applications.

Example Courses

  • HSC 2014: Anatomy / Physiology I
    Pre-Physical Therapy
    This course deals with the various systems of the human body that are relevant for human physical activity. Focus is on the skeleton, joints, muscular system, and the respiratory system.
  • HSC 3013: Principles of Epidemiology
    A course designed to acquaint students with the principles of epidemiology including an introduction to vital statistics, adverse health effects from various environmental factors, and the methods used in public health surveillance to study human behavior.
  • HSC 4103: Exercise Physiology
    The study of effects of exercise on the various systems of the body. The course will involve effects before, during and after exercise. Long-term results of exercise will also be included.
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