Melodye Stickley

Academic Services Assistant • Testing Coordinator


Jones Learning Center 146

What you enjoy about being ASA/Testing Coordinator

I wanted a job where I felt what I was doing everyday made a difference in other’s lives.  Working with learning disabled students, seeing the challenges they are faced with and their perseverance in overcoming obstacles they encounter because of their disabilities has been a very rewarding experience for me.

What do you hope students will take with them when they leave Ozarks?

A sense of pride about their accomplishments while they attended Ozarks and the ability to take what they have learned (whether from experiences or acquired knowledge through education) and apply it to their everyday lives and/or careers.

What makes Ozarks special?

Ozarks provides a positive learning environment where everyone works together to help students achieve their goals.  I am fortunate to work on a beautiful campus where everyone is treated like family.

What you would say to parents or students who are thinking about JLC? The JLC offers extensive support to help students succeed, while at the same time promoting their individuality and independence. We are a caring community of faculty and staff that work together toward a common goal…the student’s success.