Dody Pelts

VP for Student Success


Jones Learning Center 103
Dody Pelts

What do you enjoy about working with the JLC?
The daily interactions with our students is the most rewarding aspect of my role in the JLC. I enjoy getting to have conversations with students that challenge their previous thoughts about themselves, their abilities, and the world around them. Having a front row seat to observe a student’s growth when provided with the support of the JLC and Ozarks is something that never gets old to me. Some students with learning disabilities, AD/HD, and ASD have struggled so much to get through high school that they can’t imagine that attending college would even be a possibility. Watching those students achieve their first success, no matter how big or small, during their freshmen year is always a highlight for me.

What you would say to parents or students who are thinking about JLC? The JLC has a rich history. As the first program of its kind in the U.S., the learning center began serving students in 1971, even before the Americans with Disabilities Act. Since then we have continued to make improvements in the services that we provide to bright young people who have learning disabilities, AD/HD, or autism spectrum disorder. Our experienced and dedicated staff provide the most comprehensive services of any traditional college. The daily, individual support provided by the JLC staff is not replicated in many programs. However, even more important than our high level of quality support is fit. Fit is a two-way street. Ensuring that the JLC program offers the services that a student needs and the student has the skills and abilities so that they can take full advantage of the JLC program are of great importance. The JLC is designed for degree-seeking students who are intellectually capable of obtaining a four-year degree but need additional support to achieve their goals. The best way to determine fit is to visit! A visit to campus, along with an individual question-and-answer time with me or one of our JLC team members is a crucial in deciding what campus will be home for your college education. I hope to see you soon!