Brand Guidelines

University of the Ozarks Brand

At the core of University of the Ozarks’ communications strategy is our brand identity, which is inspired by a mission of helping students reach their full potential personally, professionally and spiritually.

The key visual representation of this identity is our University logo. Understanding and carefully managing this important asset is critical to the overall success of our University’s ability to effectively maintain our positive image and leadership position as an outstanding educational institution.

Brand Guidelines

The University of the Ozarks logo identity represents a proud tradition of excellence and trailblazing in higher education. The design of the brand mark connotes strength, heritage, progress and exploration. The distinctive trio of “arches” in the mark are inspired by the windows of our very own Munger-Wilson Memorial Chapel, but they also symbolize core values of self-discovery, spirituality and regional pride.

Taken as a whole, our brand identity, through name, architecture and color is an expression of where we have come from, who we are and our future together as a community and an institution of higher education.

Our brand identity is one of our most valuable assets. Consistent and proper use of our University identity will help differentiate and strengthen our position as an outstanding academic institution.

  • University Logos and Restrictions
  • Color Palette and Variations
  • ADA Compliance Color Grid
  • Typography
  • Examples

Trademark and Licensing

Any logo, symbol, word(s) or combination of these that can be associated with U of O is qualified as a trademark. Trademarks and licenses give University of the Ozarks control over its logos and marks to ensure quality, consistency and all branding guidelines are followed.  Vendors wanting to use the University’s trademarked logos must obtain a license.