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Q&A With Men’s Soccer Player Philip Johnson

October 20, 2009
By cnp
Posted in Athletics

Philip Johnson, of Plano, Texas, has been a member of the soccer team for four seasons and currently has 6 goals in 2009.

Q & A With Philip Johnson

Name: Philip Johnson

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Classification (Athletically): Senior

Major: Business Admininstration

Siblings: two sisters (one younger and the other my twin)

Favorite thing about Ozarks: Soccer season.

After Ozarks I plan to: Get a job in the business field.

Special Talent: Can’t gain weight to save my life.

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

What other sport beside the one you play would you play in college: Cross country

Which do you prefer, home or away games: Home

My sports hero is: Eric Cantona

Regular, Diet, or Water: Water

Glass half empty or glass half full: Full