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From Honduras to Arkansas to Moldova: Andino to spend summer studying medicine in Eastern Europe

June 4, 2013
By cnp
Posted in Chemistry

University of the Ozarks senior Alejandro Andino is crossing continents to chase his dreams of becoming a doctor and reforming healthcare in his home country of Honduras.

Andino, from La Ceba, Honduras, is a biology and chemistry major at Ozarks and will spend four weeks participating in a medical internship in Chisinau, Moldova, throughout June and July. According to Andino, he chose Moldova, which sits between Romaine and Ukraine, as a way to challenge himself and his skills.

"I became interested in doing a medical internship when [2012 Ozarks graduate] Ariel Henderson went to Peru for her medical internship last year. I thought about going to Peru as well, but I’m originally from Central America, so I wanted to experience something new and in a different part of the world," Andino explained.

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Ozarks senior Alejandro Andino will spend several weeks this summer in a medical internship in Chisinau, Moldova.

Andino will spend his four weeks floating from hospital to hospital throughout the capital city of Moldova, broadening his experience and knowledge of international healthcare.

"When I first started arranging this internship, it was left up to me what specifically I wanted to experience," Andino explained. "I’ve spent some time in the operating room back in Honduras with a couple of medical missions, so that’s something I want to experience in Moldova as well. Also, I want to spend some time in the emergency room. I’m really hoping to get a whole feel of hospital life in Moldova."

While Andino wants to experience a different part of the world and prepare himself for further study in medicine, he has lofty goals in mind for his education.

"After I graduate from Ozarks, I plan to return to Honduras and hopefully pursue a degree in medicine," he said. "My objective with this internship is to learn from the healthcare systems in Moldova and the U.S. and compare those to the healthcare systems back at home. My ultimate goal is to devise a way to improve the reliability and efficiency of healthcare in Honduras."

Andino, who will serve as the Student Government Association president for the 2013-2014 academic year, is apprehensive about being a part of the world he’s never experienced, but he credits Ozarks with preparing him to face challenges like this one.

"At Ozarks, I’ve been able to develop my independence to a new level. While I’ve been on campus, I’ve had people who are always there for me, but I’ve largely learned how to take care of myself and that knowledge makes this process easier," he explained.